Using the Latest Technology to Keep You & Your Staff Safe

Customized with Your Organizationl’s Information

Your My SP App will provide your staff with your safety plans, your safety maps, any additional information you feel is important and a My SP Safety Chat feature for communication with anyone in the building in the palm of your hand – 24/7. No other app does that.

Through our Consolidated Innovative Solutions Platform (ISP), you are able to quickly upload your safety protocols and your staff will have the ability to access them immediately!

By utilizing a cloud environment, your safety information can be updated instantly by using the My SP App Platform.  All that is required is that files are uploaded according to the My SP Platform requirements.

Each client who decides to have their Safety Plans hosted by My Safety Plan, LLC has the ability to customize their own app by uploading all documents needed in the application. You will be provided a specific website designated for your building with a login and password as part of a welcome packet.  It is up to you to upload as many documents as you want to customize your safety app. 

Why mySP?

We have the experience to keep you safe.

Our number one purpose at My SP is to protect students, faculty, and staff.  My SP provides customized safety plans and safety maps, basic first aid, your emergency phone tree, and YOUR roster(s) in the palm of your hand. No other app does that.

Our team includes a school administrator, former teachers, a surveillance, and security specialist, a law enforcement officer, a software programmer, a web designer, and mothers and fathers.  Our combined experiences have resulted in the first-ever School Safety Plan smartphone application.

Each feature of My SP app was developed with your safety paramount. In addition, having your roster(s) on your phone enables you to meet state requirements without having to carry anything more than your cell phone in the event of an emergency.

Perhaps the best way to determine if My SP app is right for your school is to answer the question, “Would I want my child’s teacher to have a My SP app?”  If the answer is yes, send us an e-mail or give us a call today. Every app means a more prepared school and safer students, faculty, and staff.

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